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The Singer Heirloom Hemstitcher is an industrial machine that was built from the late 1910’s through the early 1930’s. This machine that performs one specific function is truly a rare commodity. Mom and I would take our fabric to a lady in Mesa to have her perform the Heirloom Hemstitching on her machine. Unfortunately, when the lady sold her machine, there was no longer a convenient location to have the Hemstitching task preformed. I searched high and low for a Hemstitch machine for sale…and then I found it…in Bastrop, Louisiana…over 1300 miles away from Mesa, Arizona!!! The price was right and the machine was in wonderful condition…it was well worth the trip to pick it up in Louisiana. As word got out that there were Heirloom Hemstitch services in Mesa again, my orders began to grow. Due to high demand I have expanded into fabricating Fleece Throws and Blankets, and now Hand-Crafted Quilts.

 ~~ Suzanne D. Madonia ~~


Born Suzanne Lawrence in Elkin, North Carolina, my passion to design and create amazing hand-made merchandise from yard goods, comes from several generations of textile workers, seamstresses and crafters. As a child, my first sewing experiences were hand-stitching doll fashions. As I grew older, I graduated to sewing my own clothes. I credit my mother as my mentor and teacher that resulted in the sewing skills I possess today. In later years Mom began crocheting around Heirloom Hemstitched flannel, making beautiful blankets for each of her Grandchildren. Once again as my mother’s student, I learned the art of creating Heirloom Hemstitched items.

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